Photo Restoration

Are your treasured photographs faded, creased, torn, taped or in need of enhancement?

We take pride in restoring photos have been damaged — by age or circumstance — and enhancing photographs that need a little something done to make them pop. Photographs are the visual memories of our lives, and using our expertise with Adobe Photoshop we can give you back your treasured memories.

Our services include:
• removal and repair of scratches, stains, creases and spots and tears
• color correction and restoration
• sharpness, brightness and contrast adjustment as well as overall image enhancement
• removal of unwanted parts of the image (objects or even people)
• fix closed eyes and frowning faces


Please scan your photograph at a resolution of at least 300dpi (dots per square inch) for best results. If your scanned photo is below 300dpi, it may not be as sharp as the original when you reprint.
For an additional charge the photos can be mailed to us for scanning.


Please let us know exactly what you would like done to the photograph. (i.e. colorization, remove tears and scratches, etc…)
Please understand on some photos, especially those that are deeply stained with red, blue or yellow, it is difficult if not impossible to remove every bit of that stain, so we will notify you before proceeding. If the photo has major damage we will contact you about any additional cost.

The restoration process takes 3-5 business days PER PHOTO. Once work is completed a low DPI proof will be sent to you for approval — and for any additional changes. When the image meets with your approval, you will receive your high-resolution image in PDF and JPEG format once final payment is received.
High-quality prints are also available to order.


3am Otternal will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement. By submitting your photo(s) to be retouched, you guarantee that you own the full rights to the photo(s) and are permitted to have them retouched.
Rates start at $25 per image for basic restoration or enhancement, with a 50% deposit for all work needed.